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Advisory Board

John Carson

Mr. Carson is the Chairman of IBC and the former Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of several leading beverage companies including Marbo, Inc. and Triarc Beverages, both private equity backed corporations. As Chairman of Triarc Beverages (RC Cola), he led the acquisition and integration of Snapple Beverages and expanded business internationally by leading negotiations in China, Japan, Mexico, South America, Russia and Poland. Mr. Carson led the sale of the entire beverage portfolio of Triarc to Cadbury Schweppes, generating a significant return for investors. He is former President of Cadbury Schweppes North America where he led the expansion of the Schweppes brand beyond mixers and into adult soft drinks. Mr. Carson is also a Board Member of the National Soft Drink Association and the Board of Directors of Water Source Inc.

Dan Holland

Mr. Holland is the former Chief Executive Officer of XXIV Karat Wines, which was founded in 2012 and offers the first gold infused sparkling wine. He is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of The Rising Beverage Co (Los Angeles, CA) and prior to that served as an adviser for First Beverage Group. Mr. Holland began his career at Mission Beverage, where he served as president for 15 years. During his tenure as President of Mission Beverage, Mr. Holland served on many distributor and supplier councils, which help companies such as Coors Brewing Co., Heineken, Guinness, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Glaceau, direct their business nationally and internationally.

David "Bump" Williams

Mr. Williams is the President and CEO of The BWC Company, a consulting company that works across the entire 6-tier network of beverages. Mr. Williams began his career at Procter & Gamble where he developed a National Sales Program (Publishers Clearing House) that incorporated all P&G brands being merchandised across the United State with key national retailers. In 1986 he left P&G to head up Analytics and National Accounts at the A.C. Nielsen Company where he developed the industry’s first Beverage Vertical servicing a multitude of manufacturers, retailers and distributors. In 1994 he joined Information Resources, Inc. as the President of Global Consulting where he was responsible for the use of store-level data and consumer segmentation analyses that allowed the beverage industry to develop specific advertising, point of sale and new product launches at targeted consumers and specific demographic audiences. In 2008, Mr. Williams resigned his post at IRI and retired but has continued to provide consulting to several retailers to conduct analyses on the health of their beverage business and determine business plans and strategies designed to capitalize on changing consumer purchase behavior. He works on new product launches, pricing and promotion analytics, mergers and acquisitions, market expansion and strategic business planning. Mr. Williams serves on several boards of directors and advisors across the beverage alcohol and non-alcoholic beverage community.

Andres Siefken

Mr. Siefken is currently the EVP Marketing and Communications for Mastercard, having joined Mastercard in April 2017. In this role, he is responsible for the well-known Priceless marketing platform, the company’s reputation and competitive differentiation, and driving business for Mastercard products and services in North America. Prior to Mastercard, from 2015 to 2017, Mr. Siefken served as Principal and Advisor for The New England Consulting Group (“NECG”). As member of the retail, digital, consumer and innovation practices of NECG, Mr. Siefken helped CPG and Retail Executives find transformational strategies to accelerate growth. Prior to the NECG, from 2006 to 2015, Mr. Siefken served as Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Daymon Worldwide, a global leader in private brand development and retail services. During that time, he was responsible for leading the corporate branding, global marketing, analytics and innovation teams for the company’s five businesses, as well as the operation of the Galileo Global Brand Group agency. Mr. Siefken began his career at Procter & Gamble before moving to escalating roles with beverage global leaders Allied Domecq Spirits and Wine, and Anheuser-Busch InBev.